Convergence is a gathering of felt makers and sharing knowledge is the underlying theme. It is four full days of immersion and indulgence in every aspect of felt making suitable for all levels of experience. Anyone interested in felt making and textiles should attend. There is no need to belong to a formal textile organisation or felting group. Just come along, learn, share, felt and have fun.

Bunbury Felting Group - 11th Southern Hemisphere Felting Convergence ABN 62663714697

The 11th Southern Hemisphere Felting Convergence was a fabulous five days in October 2011 at Bunbury Western Australia.

The Convergence may be over but we are still felting so please join us at the Bunbury Felting Group blog.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Traders Hall Update - New Trader - Country Cottage Wool Wear

We are very pleased to tell you about a new trader  - Country Cottage Wool Wear who is joining us in our Traders Hall.

Country Cottage Wool Wear specialise in silks.  We all know how important that fibre is and how it melds beautifully with wool fibres to lift our felt by imparting luminous shine and colour.

Country Cottage Wool Wear will be bringing a range of silks for us to enjoy at the Convergence.  They have about 30 colours of each silk so you are bound to find the one that's right for you.

They don't have a website but if you are in the Perth area you can find them at 6 Boundary Road, St James, WA 6102.  And of course, in October you can find them at the Convergence Traders Hall. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And Now Some Felt

Things have been a bit wordy lately on the blog.  We don't apologise for this because its purpose is to communicate on all the Convergence matters but we know you also like to see some great felt.

So to add some colour here's a great felt bag.

Designer - D Palmer

Bag Detail

Bag Detail

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fabulous Felt Magazine

Regular readers know that we love this publication and the latest issue  contains great projects, information and pictures of wonderful felt.

If you can't get a copy locally we have a few extra issues for sale. Just email us at and we'll send you details of how to pay.

Yes, we will post anywhere in the world so let us know where you live and we'll confirm the postage costs.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Important Convergence Announcement - How are you getting to the Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School?

We are aware that many of our overseas and interstate participants will be flying into Perth airport and then making their way down to Bunbury.

If you are arranging to travel to Bunbury by bus or train once you arrive at the Bunbury bus or train stations you will then need to make your way to the Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School which is about 10km south of Bunbury.

If you need assistance getting from the Bunbury train or bus station please let us know by emailing . Please head your email “Travel Arragements” and let us know how you are planning to travel to Bunbury and your estimated time of arrival.

Alternatively if you prefer to make your own arrangements taxis are usually standing at the Bunbury train and bus stations. Local taxi firms include:
Bunbury City Cabs (08) 9721 5558
Bunbury Taxis Co-Operative Ltd : 13 1008
South West Taxi Operators Association : (08) 9721 2300

Travel information is available on the right hand sidebar of this blog under "Convergence Information".

Location Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Welcoming Bilby Yarns to our Traders Hall

We are very pleased to welcome West Australian business Bilby Yarns to our Traders Hall. 

Bilby Yarns is an interesting business and if you visit their website by clicking on the link in our Traders Hall area of the right hand side bar, you will see that they take wool very seriously indeed. 

They  specialise in naturally coloured West Australian wool fleece, tops and yarns.  They like undyed chemical free products that are eco friendly.  

If you want colour, then they have a natural dye range produced from Western Australian plants, so if you want to do some organic dying without getting your legs all scratched then this is the place to visit.   (We really love the emphasis on the West Australian product).

They also sell supplies for spinning, weaving, knitting and felt making including both new and secondhand equipment, and stock other fibres, dyes, kits, magazines, cottons and tapestry yarns. 

If you are in the Perth area you can visit  their showroom at the corner of Harrison Street and Hillary Street, Willagee, Western Australia.  Their opening hours are between 11:00am – 4:30pm Tuesday to Friday and appointments can be made for visits out of these hours and Saturday.

And remember, when you are busy packing for the 11th Southern Hemisphere Felting Convergence in October and your bags are straining at the seams, Bilby Yarns will be here. Our Traders Hall will be open every day for all those felting and textile goodies that you need to enjoy an exciting felting experience.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

And Now For Something Different

Earlier this year a “Celebrity Art Bra” event was held to raise funds for the Val Lishman Health Research Foundation Breast Cancer Survivors Project.
As we all have friends and family that have been affected by the disease The Bunbury Felters were keen to get involved and create some art bras for the event.
A celebrity was chosen for each artist to create a “bra” for.  You will see why we have used inverted commas around the word bra as we show you the bra art in the weeks to come.
The  bras are not all felt but they are all fun and fabulous so we know you want to see them.  Keep looking in at the blog to see them appear from time to time.

Our first bra was created by designer Jean Braund.  Her celebrity is Don Hancey - one of Western Australia’s most dynamic and innovative chefs known for his simple, yet brilliant, ability of pairing regional produce and premium Australian wines. Hi is a key supporter of the Chefs Long Table lunch events which to raise money for local charity each year.

Jean has captured the essence of Don in this mixed media creation.

The "cups" are baking tins of course.

All topped with a fish on a baking tray.

And this is how it looks on –

Don’t you wish you had a waist like that?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Make Your Convergence Banner

In Bunbury we will be supporting the tradition of past Convergences for all attendees to felt a banner to be displayed and then sold to raise money to help finance the next Convergence.

We therefore need you to bring a felt banner to the Convergence.

Here are some ideas from the 10th Southern Hemisphere Felting Convergence in Masterton, New Zealand -
Banner Wall at 10th Southern Hemisphere Convergence

Each banner should be sized approximately A4 (that's about 12inches by 8.5 inches for those of you who like things in the old money).

Colours, embellishments etc are completely up to you so get making yours now.

By Lorraine McArthur
You can add your name to it if you wish. They will all be for sale as part of the Convergence program at a fixed price of $15 per banner to raise money for the next Convergence in 2013.

 So have some fun and fly your banner on our wall.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

See the Snowy Creek Felting Machine in the Traders Hall

Our 11th December 2010 post was all about the Roller Felting Machine developed by Paul and Christine Harrison.  They started their business - Snowy Creek Engineering about 15 years ago when they escaped from city life in Melbourne and started breeding alpacas in country Victoria.  From there came an interest in felting and Paul put his engineering background to good use and developed a felting machine.

When we wrote the post about them in December they were not sure whether they could join us at the 11th Southern Hemisphere Felting Convergence (it is quite a big piece of machinery to get all away across the country) but they really wanted to get here as they have been to other convergences and are big supporters of the bi-annual event.

We are now very pleased to tell you that Paul and Christine are going to be here in October and are transporting one of their Roller Felting Machines over for all of us to see.  We are very excited about this because Paul and Christine are going to be running demonstrations throughout each day and want you to participate by bringing something to felt on the machine.

So bring some fabric and wool and make a scarf.  Your piece should be no bigger than 125 centimetres by 35 centimetres.  You will need to  book a time with Paul and Christine to take it over to the Snowy Creek Roller Felting Machine and watch the rolling done for you!

Thank you guys, this is going to be a great opportunity for us to see the Roller Felting Machine in action.

In the meantime Snowy Creek Engineering also create and sell needle felting equipment (they are very kindly donating a needle felting kit as a door prize at the Convergence) so pop over to Traders Hall now by clicking on their name in our right hand sidebar and have a look at what they do.

The Snowy Creek Roller Felting Machine

Monday, July 4, 2011

Convergence Announcement - Draw for Master Classes

 As previously announced the Convergence program will include Master Classes run by Anita Larkin the celebrated art felter who has made the world of felt sculpture her own and Liz Clay - the internationally renowned feltmaker and author.

Each Master Classes will run over 2 days and accommodate a maximum of 15 students.

As we expected, the demand for attending a Master Class has exceeded the number of places available, so a ballot has been run to determine places.  We put the names of everyone who said they would like to be part of a Master Class into a hat (well actually it was a plastic ice cream box but it did the job).  The Convergence Committee looked on as Convergence Convener Val Hornibrook drew out the names. 

The lucky Master Class participants will be notified by email shortly. 

If you don't receive an email from us then your name was not drawn.  However our program provides  lots of felt tutorials for you to enjoy and participate in. 

Most importantly, we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the Anita Larkin /Liz Clay experience so we have arranged for each of these felt masters to deliver two presentations to all Convergence attendees. 

With only three months to go we are getting very excited.
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