Convergence is a gathering of felt makers and sharing knowledge is the underlying theme. It is four full days of immersion and indulgence in every aspect of felt making suitable for all levels of experience. Anyone interested in felt making and textiles should attend. There is no need to belong to a formal textile organisation or felting group. Just come along, learn, share, felt and have fun.

Bunbury Felting Group - 11th Southern Hemisphere Felting Convergence ABN 62663714697

The 11th Southern Hemisphere Felting Convergence was a fabulous five days in October 2011 at Bunbury Western Australia.

The Convergence may be over but we are still felting so please join us at the Bunbury Felting Group blog.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Please Dress Matilda

Our model - Matilda has nothing to wear to the Convergence.  Can you help dress her?

Matilda is one of the models appearing at the Convergence Fashion Parade but we are worried that she may have absolutely nothing to wear.

We have the auditorium, photographer, models, music and lightshow but so far only 49 Convergence attendees have indicated that they will be providing garments for it! 

So please bring your beautiful garments and wearable art for a spectacular night of entertainment with your work on show at this fashion event.

You can model your own garment or have it paraded by the models that we will be providing. Professional photographers will be taking pictures of the catwalk show and a CD of the event will be available for purchase at a nominal cost at the end of the Convergence.  

We need you to bring your creations to make this a fabulous night of fashion and to dress Matilda of course!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Traders Hall Update - Sheryl Chant

Things are getting busy in our Traders Hall and we are pleased to announce that Sheryl Chant has contacted us and is going to be joining us on Wednesday 5th October which is our  Bazaar Night.

Sheryl is a highly qualified artist and has exhibited throughout Australia for many years.  She specialises in primitive firing  saying

See the clayfeet website - for more information.

To the Convergence Sheryl is bringing her unique hand made primitive and raku fired ceramic buttons.   We all know how hard it is to find buttons that compliment our felt garments  so be quick to visit her as we will certainly be hot footing it to her stand to buy them.

Thanks for joining us Sheryl.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Unique Perspectives Part III

The second textile artist on show at this exiting exhibition is Jiyoung Chung (USA/Korea) with her work titled Joomchi Paper Works.

Jiyoung Chung is a tutor at TAFTA's 2011 Geelong Forum and Janet de Boer of TAFTA has very kindly allowed us to reproduce this article from Textile Fibre Forum Issue 2, No 102, 2011 -

For more pictures of Jiyoung Chung's work click here.

UNIQUE PERSPECTIVES: TWO SOLO EXHIBITIONS – Felted work by Helen O’Hare (Ireland), and Joomchi Paper Works by Jiyoung Chung (USA/Korea) is presented by BUNBURY REGIONAL ART GALLERIES 23 September – 13 November2011, in partnership with Fibres West 2011.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Unique Perspectives Part II

If your head is still spinning from the size of Helen O'Hare's work in yesterdays post we have some more pictures for you but first - let's meet Helen-

Helen's Workshop
Clearly Helen needs a big space to work in when you consider the size of some of her exhibition pieces.  She's based in Northern Ireland and you can read more about her work by clicking here.

We have some more pictures of her work; these kindly sent to us by Janet de Boer of TAFTA (Australian Forum For Textiles Arts Ltd) -

Section of large piece.

Grey pink detail

Detail colour

1999 Felt work.

Helen's beautiful installation work will be on view at BUNBURY REGIONAL ART GALLERIES 23 September – 13 November 2011.  

Don't miss it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unique Perspectives Part I

Convergence participants may like to take a break from all the felting and have a trip out.

Bunbury Regional Art Galleries Photo By strasser©paul - Panoramio
We have therefore organised a trip to  BUNBURY REGIONAL ART GALLERIES , for you to enjoy  UNIQUE PERSPECTIVES: TWO SOLO EXHIBITIONS – Felted work by Helen O’Hare (Ireland), and Joomchi Paper Works by Jiyoung Chung (USA/Korea). Brilliant, expressive, inspiring work representing the diversity of textile and fibre art across the world.  This exhibition is brought to us by Bunbury Regional Art Galleries in partnership with Fibres West 2011, and runs from 23 September – 13 November 2011.

First lets look at Helen O'Hare who is a talented artist doing some amazing felt work as you can see from these photos which she very kindly sent us -

Gallery Shot




Gallery Shot

Gallery Shot

Look in tomorrow to see more of Helen's work.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Take a Break from Felting and Take a Trip of Bunbury

Photo - Tourism Western Australia

When you are at the Convergence you may like to take a break from all that felting and have a look around at some of the local attractions.

Photo - Tourism Western Australia

Local firm Royal Gala Tours operate a Bunbury Afternoon Tour every Wednesday afternoon.

Here's an excert from their brochure -

Join us at Royal Gala Tours and discover the history of Bunbury! 
Bunbury’s resident population of bottlenose dolphins are eager to make your acquaintance at the Dolphin Discovery Centre in Koombana Bay, Australia’s most ecologically aware dolphin experience.
Take in some local history at St Marks Picton Church, the second oldest church in Western Australia. Travel back in time when we visit the Dardanup Heritage Park, hosting one of Australia’s finest collections of heritage items, tractors and automobiles from our pioneering past.
We return to Bunbury via the panoramic views of the city from Boulters Heights.
The tour costs $55.00 and departs from Bunbury Visitor Centre 1.00pm and returns approximately 5.30pm
Photo - Tourism Western Australia

We'll be putting their brochure in your Convergence Registration Packet so if you want to play hooky you know where to go!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Convergence Announcement - Travel Arrangements

We are aware that many of our overseas and interstate participants will be flying into Perth airport and then making their way down to Bunbury for the Convergence.

If you are arranging to travel to Bunbury by bus or train once you arrive at the Bunbury bus or train stations you will then need to make your way to the Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School which is about 10km south of Bunbury.

If you need assistance getting from the Bunbury train or bus station please let us know by emailing . Please head your email “Travel Arragements” and let us know how you are planning to travel to Bunbury and your estimated time of arrival.

Alternatively if you prefer to make your own arrangements taxis are usually standing at the Bunbury train and bus stations. Local taxi firms include:
Bunbury City Cabs (08) 9721 5558
Bunbury Taxis Co-Operative Ltd : 13 1008
South West Taxi Operators Association : (08) 9721 2300

Travel information is available on the right hand sidebar of this blog under "Convergence Information".

Location Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Art Bras

Here's the third  in our series of “Celebrity Art Bras” to raise funds for the Val Lishman Health Research Foundation Breast Cancer Survivors Project .

This bra was created by fabulous felter - Lorraine McArthur using her favourite colour turquoise which is entirely appropriate as the bra represents Taj Burrow the young West Australian surfing professional.

 Lorraine is entirely in her element and having great fun with the ocean being a major part of the theme.

She's really brought the surfing figures to life.

Wouldn't you just love to have Taj and his friends hanging ten over over your chest!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

If you go down to the woods today...

It's a perfect weekend for a walk in the country.  Imagine finding this miniature felted chair in amongst the trees -

It's by Sue Seaman and is simply charming.

Have a great felting weekend.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Make Your Convergence Banner

In Bunbury we will be supporting the tradition of past Convergences for all attendees to felt a banner to be displayed and then sold to raise money to help finance the next Convergence.

We therefore need you to bring a felt banner to the Convergence.

Here are some ideas from the 10th Southern Hemisphere Felting Convergence in Masterton, New Zealand -

Banner Wall Masterton
You can add your name to it if you wish. All the banners will all be for sale as part of the Convergence program at a fixed price of $15 per banner to raise money for the next Convergence in 2013.

So have some fun and fly your banner on our wall.

Felt Banner by Davida Palmer
Make sure you buy a banner too.   It's a wonderful souvenir and a great way to support future felt convergences.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Art Bras

Second in our series of  “Celebrity Art Bras” to raise funds for the Val Lishman Health Research Foundation Breast Cancer Survivors Project here is the bra created by Convergence Convener - Val Hornibrook.

It was created for Jackie Happs of Happs Winery and is made of felt.

Felt Rose

Felt balls make great grapes

Val's felt vessel making skills have been put to great use here.

It's as beautiful as a glass of Happs wine.
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