Convergence is a gathering of felt makers and sharing knowledge is the underlying theme. It is four full days of immersion and indulgence in every aspect of felt making suitable for all levels of experience. Anyone interested in felt making and textiles should attend. There is no need to belong to a formal textile organisation or felting group. Just come along, learn, share, felt and have fun.

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The 11th Southern Hemisphere Felting Convergence was a fabulous five days in October 2011 at Bunbury Western Australia.

The Convergence may be over but we are still felting so please join us at the Bunbury Felting Group blog.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Felt in a Hot Climate

Do people in cool climates make better felt?

We ask ourselves this question as we see that the weather forecast for Christmas Day is 34 degrees and we are sure we will get our share of even hotter days in the summer months to come.

Of course, we don’t think climatic conditions have any influence on good felt but of course we regularly see the wonderful garments and accessories produced locally by our talented Western Australian felters. However, it is nice to have our opinion confirmed as was the case when we got an email from Sally in Tucson Arizona asking for details of the 11th Southern Hemisphere Felting Convergence. Quick as a flash we checked out Sally’s own felting website  and yes, in that hot dry desert climate they do make some simply gorgeous stuff. Check this out for yourself by clicking here.

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Do hope you can make it over to Bunbury in October Sally,we’d love to meet you and your felt in person.

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